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As per the title above, we would like to know more about your experience using a magsaver as a fuel saver device. And here i am going to share a little bit information regarding the Magsaver fuel saverdevice for those who didn’t have any ideas about the magnet fuel saver and how it works. For those who have used it, please give your comment and magsaver review here as a guide for all 
car owner.


The number one topic that people are discussing around the world is the high price for gasoline and diesel. A primary factor affecting the economy of a nation, a state, a city, or even a family, is the price of fuel. Families cut back on shopping for new products because their budgets are impacted by the rising gas prices. It costs more to fly because a “fuel surcharge” is added to the ticket cost, thereby causing some people to postpone their trip to grandma’s, or delay their vacation. Businesses are also impacted because the cost of sales rises with the cost of fuel… Municipalities are adversely affected as well. 
These actions are not limited to the Malaysia, but are global in scope. According to Magsaver Malaysia:
Magsaver is designed to condition the fuel prior to combustion to increase power output, save fuel, and reduce emissions.
Magsaver can help engine to burn fuel more efficiently
Magsaver let your car run more miles per gallon
Magsaver will improve engine performance
Magsaver will reduce emissions
Magsaver will clean air

Magsaver gadgets increase combustion efficiency for a cleaner burning engine. This reduces harmful emissions while increasing engine performance.
The passage of fuel through the magnetic energy field causes the hydrocarbon molecules become realigned into and orderly pattern. The newly created positive molecules tend to remain in the fuel mixture and not migrate to the fuel line which would result in greater oxidation thus giving higher burning performance and efficiency 
MAGSAVER is a powerful yet simple device that works on all old or new vehicles, whether it runs on petrol, diesel and even gas, carburetor or injected fuel system such as i-Vtec, VVTi, VANOS, VTC, CAMPRO, CPS, SUPERCHARGER, TURBOCHARGER or any other condition whatsoever.

In fact, the more corroded, dirty and gummed a vehicle fuel system is, the more noticeable the improvement in performance in mileage. You will notice an immediate improvement in power and acceleration after the proper installation of MAGSAVER fuel activation. You will experience sudden changes in your engine that will run smoothly and a noticeable of an increase of speed. This is a direct correlation to more complete burning of the fuel. The stabilization period is amount of use (time) it takes to dissolve the carbon/ varnish build up and fully saturate (magnetize) all the system combustion chamber. Economy may initially fluctuate as the carbon and varnish particles break off and dissolve in the system. After the stabilization period the system will run smoother and start easier. The stabilization period last approximately 
1000 – 3000 km of journey (for engine older than 5 years). 
How Magnetic Fuel Saver Works 
Neodymium magnets are used in many facets of science, physics, chemistry and commercial industry. Also known as rare earth magnets…they play a huge role in today’s machinery, computer hard drives, motors and medical equipment. 

Furthermore, with our unique combination of Gauss strength, cross polarity, magnetic flux angle and unique magnetic flux direction, MAGSAVER surpasses most of the other magnetic fuel savers available in the market.
MAGSAVER will produce a strong magnetic field or “energy” field. When fuel flow through this magnetic field, the fuel molecules are become started more active and will realign in the direction of the magnetic field. This increased molecular activity caused by the directional magnetic “energy” field that will cause fuel molecules clusters to break up where clusters form, this cause the individual molecules to be more aggressively and more completely combine with other compounds. This allows the fuel molecules to more readily and more completely combine with oxygen during combustion (burn) in the firing chamber cylinder of a combustion engine. 
The magnetic field will penetrates the fuel line (Rubber or metal), causing clusters of hydrocarbon molecules to separate. Now that more fuel is exposed to oxygen needed for combustion, helping fuel burn better more completely and cleanly. In addition built up engine deposits of carbon and varnish are eliminated so engine can run more smoothly and increase the power. 
MATCHED PAIR of magnet that generate a strong frequency resonance between its two faces. One half to function as a receiver and the other half as transmitter are creating and driving a magnetic field perpendicular to the direction of the fuel flow, penetrating any fuel line (metal or rubber). Regardless of the fuel used (Petrol, Diesel or Gas). The fuel molecules will energized, enabling them to more readily combine with oxygen for more efficient combustion. There is less emissions (unburned or partially burned fuel) and less total volume of fuel needed to provide an equal amount of power. 
MAGSAVER uses this powerful magnetic material to produce powerful, focused, sharply reversing magnetic fields. This special magnetic resonance produces a significant impact fuel passing through the magnetic field of the device. With the price of fuel increasing year by year it has become very costly and we are paying more and more at the pump and getting less kilometer (mileage) for our money.

We have tested a few magnetic fuel saver product before that used the neodymium magnet installed to the fuel line on engine and the result is the same in fuel consumption but very little effect in performance and not the fuel consumption. How about you?

So what is your review about this stuff? Have you used any of the magnetic fuel saver in Malaysia or others regions? How was it? Share your experience with us and the readers here.

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